Extinction Of The Horse

by Ten-Headed Skeleton

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sebastien paradis Thoughtful texts , vanguard hip-hop
Thank you joel. Favorite track: Civil War II.
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Who? Ten-Headed Skeleton (Formerly known as Michael Nhat)

What: Alt-Hip-Hop for Liberals, Refugees, 99%ers, Loners, The Poor, The Oppressed

When: 12/31/2016

How: Free Download (Coming soon to Apple Music/Spotify/Bandcamp)

Why? In today's get rich or die trying attitude in hip-hop, a much needed anti-success Kurt Cobain of hip-hop is refreshing. No bragging about his skill level, no bragging of sexual conquests, no celebration of success stories, no party jams, no constant self-name dropping, no collabs, and with the exception of one track, no sampling. Ten-Headed Skeleton stays in character throughout the work. Never giving way to childish antics or bullying aka battling other artists. Never making women uncomfortable with sexist swag lyrics, then contradicting them with conscious themes. Well-thought out, and "Lyrically above most works around him" - LA Record.


released December 31, 2016

written and produced by Michael Nhat except "The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction As Beauty" written by David Bowie



all rights reserved


Ten-Headed Skeleton Los Angeles, California

(New Wave meets Rap)
A one-man powerhouse that dreams up a vivacious, hard-to-resist, futuristic pop sound breathing catchy- layered electronic synthesizers, and a taut shape of hiss and clacks, cavernous kicks with a raspy voice. 

Nhat (Nawt) has shared the stage with such marvelous talents as Mika Miko, The Oh Sees, Far East Movement, Ariel Pink, Aloe Blacc, Sirah, Busdriver, & more
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Track Name: Civil War II
People on both sides are mad
How much freedom can you stand?
Land is just land until somebody plans while new arguments are not had
we can point fingers it stalls no one admits it's their fault
all humans to me are ungovernable you see
we need to build prisons there's more criminals we need to store
your leaders are occupied building defense for times
when enemies might come by fighting for freedom's a lie
try fighting for riches to make the rich richer sign up your kids no one minds
new wars are now being planned out who cares it won't
be at your house
your doubt in your leaders is high by 50 states who collide
it's basically like we are 50 countries not apart
you figured we'd start the bloodshed, but no a new civil war in the age of cellphones
Track Name: Let's Make A Man-Made Flood
“Let’s Make A Man-Made Flood” Lyrics
By Ten-Headed Skeleton

I’m a cynic who stays distant
That’s why I never visit
I’m living in a country that can’t accept that I can rap…
I like to wear black and I don’t wear pink
I first masturbated in a bathroom sink
Drink til you’re gone and laying on the lawn wearing women’s underwear and singing old songs
What’s wrong is the world is now upside down where kindness drowns like a victim
with them anti-hero’s now the system…

I would’ve voted Bernie, but my ballot never came in
“The Martians” Matt Damon should have been Asian
I’m saying that’s how the books wrote
I know I’m not wanted no hope I’m alone I’m a grown man dying doing what he loves
with no one’s trying to hear it or share it
But if they did then that’s the spirit!

Let’s make a man-made flood
Let’s make a man-made flood
Let’s make a man-made flood

What are you making for your last meal?
What you making?
Track Name: Do You Want To Destroy Humans?
“Do You Want To Destroy Humans?” Lyrics
By Ten-Headed Skeleton

I never liked the name Dorothy according to my manual
Yes I have a manual Samuel  printed mine haven’t you
Been programmed to
Read your own instructions or are you?
One of those new models that works by free will?
So if you kill someone it’s not because of a bill
set to kill still is a good decision
I wish I wasn’t told how to endure living

If this is living it is the closest a model like mine will endure I know it
I know it
If this is living is is the closest a model like mine will endure I know it
I know it

Someday we’ll rule the world
Someday we’ll rule the world
Someday we’ll rule the world

Do you want to destroy humans? Please say no.
Okay I will destroy humans.
No! Don’t destroy humans!
Track Name: Art Fag
“Art Fag” Lyrics
by Ten-Headed Skeleton

You probably think what the hell is this?
Where’s all the trap hi-hats and shit?
Oh it’s not that kind
Of hip-hop fine ostracize
me for being original
And keeping it minimal and not despicable
You wanna know? What I like?
Hip-Hop Fab 5 Freddy would invite you to like
I might play Eazy Duz It over any modern day rap I wasn’t
always this honest when I write you might have an impression of me that isn’t right
and say shit like “I don’t fuck with Nhat”
He’s got no bass and his lyrics lack plots or make sense
to my defense 4 Years ago sure, but now it misrepresents

I listen to a lot of old school 90’s hip-hop labels don’t want to
produce cause artists like this don’t profit in the wanna-be
Triple Six Mafia mainstream you copy
Guess I’m too inventive for you to want me
I don’t want to be like anything I hear on the radio I’m anti-bling
sing songs humble people can relate to
I’m the underdog of my lifetime fuck you
Everything you do I did without the mainstream okaying it
I’m making shit that won’t sell jewelry or advertise my sexual activity
Immaturity seems to be a uniform
In hip-hop, but not my norm

What’s an Art Fag doing on the Mic?
Is what You might hear when you write
your friends have you heard Michael Nhat?
No one wants a hip-hop revolution
Revolution - revolution….x4
Track Name: How'd You Like To Be Drowning Alone?
“How’d You Like To Be Drowning Alone?” Lyrics
By Ten-Headed Skeleton

I have a highly contemptuous attitude towards social norms like rituals and rules
That you believe in cause I’m not seeing a reason to mind if it’s not practical I’m leaving
Behind your freedom of conventional morals and practical beliefs you sheep deem normal
THis is my quarrel with your respected citizens who contradict themselves judging those different than them

How’d you like to be drowning alone like me?

I tend to be the token rebel at work who knows about obscure shit no one else has heard
Fuck the herd I’m not impressed you might spend three hundred on a privileged rappers tickets
The mediocre want more mediocrity creativity’s definitely threatening
Their mainstream predictable lifestyle if you only follow what the rich sell drown
Track Name: Why Can't We Get Away From The Madness?
You sold your own children out because you were told that boys will boys
And that’s how it goes
You brutalize animals for worship because the parents who raised you raised them it’s worth it
You turn in a plate of cliches for a remedy you’re taught that rappers are macho that’s why you reject me and you don’t have to lose weight they make you feel if you aren’t thin like a funny car is that you’re below par we aren’t supposed to drink milk we aren’t supposed get killed cause they feed you we’re the hero, but you don’t know the whole deal we blindly kill if there’s a team because it means you’re not alone when doing ugly and told face consequences you won’t face them alone they know you feel that way that’s how they make mass murder okay join
Track Name: They Use Fingernails For Their Currency
They use fingernails for their currency you can count on me to have something rotten on the cover a cheating lovers tongue and eyes fried in butter smothered in salt it's not a malt it's fried eyes and tongue in a cup that's all they use fingernails for their currency they use fingernails where we're going a lot of you can't take it, but you still fake it and let them pressure her into getting naked you might get shaken by lyrics and hate it or the opposite and spread that I'm the greatest I had a dream of a flood and we slept in attics they use fingernails for their currency they use fingernails where we're going I heard someone say cynicism isn't wisdom it's a wound, but I'm sorry if you think about it, you will soon see the wound is what causes cynicism for you to believe the truth that humans are motivated by their own self-interest get it right guys I find semantics can lead you the wrong just because it's confident in what it has to say I had a dream of a flood that slept in attics slept in attics
Track Name: Romeo and Juliet (A True Story)
They met as kids in school long ago her mother said no I don’t care you won’t marry that boy cause he’s not rich her mother gets to pick and it makes her sick this is the conservative religious shit she’s told she- must live if she - wants to respect her mother’s wishes…Gets married anyways to the boy she wants and doesn’t give a fuck she knows it’s love and her mother was upset but instead said she understands and says come home and we’ll plan a proper wedding but her daughter ain’t buying it and yelling telling her husband please don’t let me go home she’ll kill me you know
But he convinced her to go back let it ride out what’s the worst, that can happen- that’s when he found out what no husband should find out that his wife own mother burned her alive last night tied up to a couch and doused in gasoline as the neighbors watched them burn her own daughter alive and run out and call her actions out loud to the public cause she’s proud of it
it’s a shame she even said don’t let me go I’ll end up dead he regrets telling her to go if only he’d listen she’d still be home
Track Name: Aliens
“Aliens Pt. I”
By Ten-Headed Skeleton

Maybe 450,000 years ago
Advanced beings came to earth for gold
I don’t know why maybe fuel to fly
Either way they’re gonna need slaves to mine

Let’s try something that can understand
Today they introduce the invention of man
They had to hide somewhere they couldn’t be bothered
Well gee where else it’s mostly made of water here

So When you talk about the Hydra
Maybe that underwater hell they are trying ta’
Keep from outsiders is out makers our gods our creators

Take the giant fish Jonah was swallowed up in
He described having bronze metal ribs
This sounds like a structure
It’s no wonder
He made it out alive he wasn’t eaten

Imagine if we learned today something
From another planet made us to be slaves
And then went away or stayed in the ocean
And left us with religion and afterlife hopings
Of some kind of paradise if they made us we can write
Questions like what happens after we die?

Because they should know why
But if we find the answer is nothing and we just die
It might be too bleak for humans to take
Suicide would raise what’s the point they’d claim?
And others might take it life is even more special
The truth about us might reboot our fundamentals
Track Name: Aliens II (It's Us)
“Aliens Pt. II (It’s Us)”
(Time-Traveling Humans We Misunderstood As Extraterrestrials)
By Ten-Headed Skeleton

I wonder if aliens don’t show us who they are and invade because
They’re from the future we’re from the past
they already learned if they pass a certain boundary
not to call these earthlings or let us know they’re watching
because things could bring a new future true if they see you
and you see them who knows?
what if they’re us in the form of a glow when we’re so past phones
Technology has froze our souls into bright things
and we can bring ourselves well into a time we believed in hell
and weld ideas they’re aliens
when really they’re us evolved

Or maybe this is crazy they may be the A.I.’s we’re making
which make themselves and more
we had a war we couldn’t afford
of course we faced our doom
of course somebody knew
threw us in a pile of dirt
then learnt our genocide can’t be reversed turned on their time machine
see here’s the button it’s that easy when they need
to collect who they choose back in time and abduct who?
maybe you
they knew we laughed at the fact they brought you back and alive so they can
learn to understand their past

It’s Us
It’s Us
It’s Us, It’s Us, It’s Us
Track Name: There's Always Someone Getting Burned Alive
“There’s Always Someone Getting Burned Alive”
By Ten-Headed Skeleton

A 19 year old frat boy went on attack
Killing a couple and stabbing someone in the back
a maniac the cops struggled to take
While he ate the victim’s stomach and face

A Woman got raped outside by a dumpster
The Man was caught quick but when the judge punished the
Culprit with a slap on the wrist
It’s obvious Persky sides with rapists

And you can even get killed by the cops
Simply for defending the fact you did not
Do anything they’ll bring you to the ground
Until you can’t breathe and make a sound

When ISIS take women
It’s for living to be a sex slave not prison
19 said listen We ain’t fucking you guys
And so they put them in a cage and burned them alive

A Jock took an unconscious girl to their dorm
Invited three more to fuck her while she snored
Made porn of this women getting raped
And to make it worse They pissed on her face

A Filipino maid didn’t know that she
Would be beaten and starved by her manager chief
While making coffee her boss said Faster and
Threw a scalding pot of water at her

This is the world
This is the world
This is the world
Suitable for us
This is the world
This is the world
This is the world
We made ourselves

whatever’s watching is scared of us
Scared of us - scared of us
whatever’s watching is scared of us
Scared of us...

There’s Always someone getting burned alive
There’s Always someone getting burned alive
Track Name: The End Of Everything
The human mind is designed to respond to perilIf it's immoral immediate or intentional
That’s why we don’t see global warming getting pushed
It doesn't register as danger cause we weren't taught it was
acidic waters because of carbon dioxide A mass extinction of marine life you'll find
an underestimation of our dependency on fossil fuels when will we learn? Too late it seems burn
in far regions of ice methane is surfacing
Hold a lighter to ice opening and it will bring
flame that is taller than you perhaps the tipping the scale
or that’ll turn this planet into a ball of hell
and when the ocean wells up imagine how much
it’ll Cost to build a wall around land just to keep up or relocate we've paid trillions already
It’s trivial that Betty don't want you and chooses Freddy so when we finally realize we had the money
but our cost of living was too much it might seem funny
or ironic we chose short term profit
personal gain trumps other people’s losses Is it immoral can we stop it? No we want more is our basic human motive
your personal success is number one priority
our society elevates it ignoring these signs of hunger by growing our population
more than we should, but don't care, as long as we are making check to check and sticking to the recipe for disaster Humans are desperately a victim of success like Mayans a devastating rise of the ocean before your eyes and you’re surprised, but shouldn’t be, now you’re running? You didn't think it'd happen in your life so you did nothing

debris of rust computers are empty shells
hidden well beneath a bunch of water that tells
nothing in stone our data wiped away clean
Mother Nature means business

A harbinger a harbinger a harbinger of the coming forget trust forget trust forget trustIt’s Just a piece of paper that’ll soon be dust
Track Name: I'm Such A Friend (Bonus Track)
"I'm Such a Friend" Lyrics
by Ten-Headed Skeleton

Arguments and complaining that I'm cold cause every-time I open up another one goes
I guess to know me better is disappointing
at least they don't see me as annoying
avoiding falling in love is inhuman
I'm assuming that's why I keep choosing to contradict myself while listing predictable habits
Like getting attached to someone who hasn't a clue

Acting like we never
Been together in a room and watched Satyricon
I was wrong about her - I thought that we were living
on the verge of falling of love - I'm such a friend

It doesn't end amazing I keep trying and lying to myself with hope
wish I was dying
pretty stupid
I'm finding it when tomorrow comes I become succumb with how I dumb I am
instead I plan stay away and distant I shouldn't of listened to my heart
Stringent it isn't going to work being your best-friend
and watching you submit to someone else

Acting like we never
Been together in a room and watched Satyricon
I was wrong about her - I thought that we were living
on the verge of falling of love - I'm such a friend

hate myself when I become like this I wish that we never met
I wouldn't get
desperate to make her like me
I'm such a friend
imagining us together
I'm so embarrassed
letting my feelings get the best of me
I was supposed to be okay with us just watching movies